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Available: October, 2014. Teri Stanton is married to her work. She has no time for friendships, relationships, or personal life. She's forgotten the time when those things were important in her life. Mia Daniels is mourning the loss of her lover and trying to put balance back in her life. The last person she wants in her life is Teri the Terror, the person who taught her to fear relationships. Mia is desperately trying to make time for a life. Teri finds Mia annoying, distracting and charming. No matter how hard she tries, she can't escape the feelings Mia engenders. Teri just doesn't know how she can make time for a life with Mia.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, 2014
Happy Mother's Day! We are in the middle of a snow storm with seven inches on the ground and more coming. I want to encourage you to read about some wonderful mothers in Wyoming who have stepped out front in the effort to achieve marriage equality in Wyoming.Go to www.wyomingunites.org to learn about these wonderful, courageous people.  cj
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Financial executive Susan Hettinger and wild, impulsive rock star MJ Carson couldn’t be more different if they tried—but opposites attract in ways neither can resist.

Rock star Maggie “MJ” Carson has heard a thousand I-Love-You’s. People always want something for nothing from her, and she long ago decided it was better to use than be used. On a plane trip from hell, she’s seated next to an attractive woman and turns on her irresistible charm, expecting the usual weak-kneed compliance.  

But Susan doesn’t know who her sexy fellow traveler is and loses all interest once she finds out. The heat between them is instant, yet Susan can think of countless reasons to ignore the spark of attraction. She knows she should walk away, but when Maggie ends up stranded without her wallet and ID, she offers to help.

Completely incompatible, they still can’t resist the magic that draws them together. Can they find a place between the glare of the media spotlight and the legacy of past betrayals where trust can grow and love might have a chance?


Work, power, and success are the idols attorney Madison Barnes worships, and she’s never allowed anything, or anyone, to interfere with attaining them—except for her younger sister Dee. To help her sister out, Madison reluctantly agrees to spend a weekend with Dee’s closest friend, a smart-ass troublemaker Karlie Henderson. To Madison’s consternation, she discovers that the opinionated young college activist she remembers has turned into a wildly popular romance author and an attractive, exciting woman she can’t quite keep out of her thought.

Karlie's life is in complete upheaval. Depressed and troubled, she's not looking forward to spending a weekend trying to be polite to her best friend's arrogant older sister. Memories of their past encounters leave both women unprepared for the different kinds of sparks that arise when they spend a day together on Madison's yacht. Suspicious of Madison's motivations, Karlie has no choice but to return home and try to move on with her life—but the damage has already been done, and the consequences may be deadly.

First Love

 Jordan Thompson was brought up to believe and trust what her parents taught her: their strong but conservative values. As the daughter of the President of the United States, she especially feels the burden of living up to her parents’ standards.

Drew Hamilton is putting her rodeo career on hold to purse a medical degree. One day she hopes to return to Wyoming to practice family medicine and ranch. She’s worked hard to pay for school and doesn’t have time for romance, especially with curious straight females. When Jordan hires her as a tutor, Drew finds she is learning more about life than she planned. Jordan is learning more than academics. She’s learning about love.

But with their very different backgrounds and families, they may not survive the stresses of a first love


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